Silicone compounds



Silicone rubber is currently one of the most innovative elastomers and has outstanding properties. A typical feature of this elastomer is its thermal stability across a wide temperature range. The effects on the mechanical properties of the silicone within this range are only minor. This is one of the reasons why silicone is extremely versatile like almost no other material.

FLEXCOMP® is our registered trade mark for innovative elastomer compounds. We develop and compound individual, customised high-performance silicone. Our materials expertise combined with in person advice is one of our distinguishing features.



  • High thermal resistance (up to 200°C)
  • Excellent flexibility at low temperatures (up to -50°C)
  • Natural resistance to chemicals, high-energy radiation and weather/environmental impacts
  • Hydrophobic surfaces
  • High transparency
  • Targeted effect on mechanical properties
  • Highly flame retardant
  • Non toxic combustion products in the event of fire


  • Cable protection
  • Profiles and seals (rail vehicles, consumer area)
  • Sleeves
  • Fitness and sport applications
  • Medical and pharmaceutical technology
  • Roller sheets
  • Membranes
  • Bellows


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