Silicone sleeves



M+S Silicon and M+S Damerius produce silicone sleeves, fabric sleeves, sleeves with braiding made from glass silk, polyester and wire as well as hard or soft co-extrusion sleeves made from solid material or foam. We develop solutions specific to the application. Our broad standard range is available ex warehouse at short notice.


  • -110°C to 300°C
  • Non-fabric and fabric
  • Foam and solid silicone
  • Special colours also possible
  • Some goods in stock


  • Electrical industry for electrical insulation or electrical conduction
  • Household appliance industry (drink machines, coffee machines, irons etc.) for the transmission of liquids
  • Catering
  • Toy industry, plasticiser-free sleeves
  • Sanitation industry
  • Medicine/pharmacy, (USP class VI) sterilisable tubes
  • Automotive industry


  • Broad standard range ex warehouse, short delivery times
  • Solutions specific to the application

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