Silicone co-extrusion



Silicone is a material that has many possibilities. These possibilities are increased when combined with other materials, such as metal and plastic, or with another type of silicone. With our own compound and process development, we can create co-extrudates and composites in almost any combination.


  • Hard/soft: hard substrate + silicone / silicone foam, hard + soft silicone / silicone foam
  • Soft/soft: silicone + silicone foam, different colours at the same hardness
  • Conductive/insulating
  • Co-extruded, self-adhesively co-extruded,
    primered and co-extruded
  • Co-vulcanised, affixed, welded


  • Lighting industry
  • Oven gaskets
  • Mechanical engineering industry
  • Window gaskets


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